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Mens education towards anger and life.


Men’s Behaviour Change Programs

Mens Behaviour ProgramSorry Men! There is no quick fix to making change. The process of behaviour change is a long one, and participation is no way predictive of positive change. At the same time there is evidence that men can and do modify their behaviour, research over the longer term demonstrates that it is exceedingly difficult to predict which men will sustain positive change or for how long. I believe if you are serious and committed to making change this program will be of great benefit to you. Have a look at what others, who have attended and completed the program, have said under our testimonials.

For this reason the program consist of two phases;

The Phase 1 level runs over two Victorian School terms (approximately 20 weeks). In this program participants are offered support and challenged in taking responsibility for their behaviour. This program is open where participants are welcome to join the program at any time. The men learn to break the pattern of their violent behaviour and are invited to consider a range of abusive, controlling acts and the consequences these have for women, children and other members of the community. In this group, basic skills are taught to improve the safety situation for others. In the second ten weeks, the program challenges their old behaviours, and belief systems. The course deals with a range of destructive behaviours, explores gender roles, it challenges the participant to question existing personal attitudes and feelings, which continue to encourage him to take a deeper responsibility for his own behaviour.

Prerequisite is an assessment interview, within 6 weeks of commencement date, with David Nugent

The Phase 2 level runs for a semester over two Victorian school terms (approximately 20 weeks). This program is offered to men who have demonstrated they have changed their behaviour. This invitation is based on their participation and commitment to the Phase One Program and the feedback I receive from their partner/family. Communication skills (which include listening, assertiveness and responding skills) are taught and explored in this Phase. Ongoing support is provided for the participants and their partner; and a variety of topics are explored which enhance the participants well-being. This program is for Men who have the desire to continue with their self-development. This program will help enhance a solid foundation in their behaviour change so they can continue providing a safe environment for themselves and their families in the long term.

Prerequisites the participant must have completed a minimum 16 sessions of Phase 1 within 28 weeks of commencement date and have demonstrated change in behaviour.

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Women’s Program

Womens ProgramFeeling scared, pressured, humiliated or controlled is never the result of being really loved. Being loved leads you to feeling respected, safe, valued and free to be who you really are.

In this program women are offered support and help in making their own changes. This is an open program where participants can join at any time. The program goal is for women to gain insight, knowledge, communication skills, which lead them to build self-esteem and self-worth. With education, old defensive behaviours can be broken with learning new strategies to resolve problems and move forward. This program is not about the partner. It’s not about learning how to fix him. It is directed at the female participant’s well-being. Our philosophy is to empower women so they can build their confidence and sense of worth in a safe and supported environment. Participants can join at any time once the assessment is completed. The program continues each term.

Prerequisite is an assessment interview, within 4 weeks of joining the program, with David Nugent or Jacqui Seamark.

Our program offers:
Friendship and care, a safe place, the opportunity to meet other women in a similar situation, information and an accepting and supportive environment.

Program Goals

  • To learn more about yourself and each other
  • To provide early support, structured information & education sessions
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Build Self Esteem and Self worth
  • Finding a new way to move forward

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Couples Workshop

Couples WorkshopFor those women who are enrolled in the women’s group (have completed 3 terms) and for their partners who have completed Phase 2, we offer a special workshop over 10 evenings. Participants learn communication skills, ways of responding to each other, reflective listening skills and dealing assertively with criticism.

In a relationship, conflicts and difficulties are almost inevitable. It’s not the arguments and conflict that are bad for your relationship, it’s the way you handle conflicts and arguments that will help your relationship grow, or come to an end. In this program, participants are taught to respond to each other and stay focused on the issue that’s raised rather than become side-tracked with other issues.

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